All vehicles benefit from regular servicing regardless of age, type or driving use.

We offer a full range of vehicle servicing and repair options for petrol and diesel vehicles, inclusive of European, Vans, Light Trucks, and 4X4 vehicles.

When you first visit City Centre Motors we will investigate your problem as well as thoroughly check your vehicle for any other items of concern. In consultation with You we can schedule the important SAFETY items for Repair and/or Servicing, then we can put a “Preventative Maintenance Program” in place that suits you.
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A “Preventative Maintenance Program” will increase the life and value of your vehicle and will save you time and money in the long run.

City Centre Motors prides itself on providing a top quality and thorough job; to ensure this we only fit quality replacement vehicle parts, and use quality lubricants in your vehicle.

Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmissions need servicing regularly and typically fail due to internally overheating. This is usually a direct result of poor maintenance.

Automatic Transmission Servicing will help extend the life of your transmission and in most cases provide smoother gear changes.

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If your brakes are squealing, grinding, pulling the vehicle to one side or making your steering wheel shake, then it’s time to come and see us.

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Cam Belt / Timing Belt

A Cam Belt /timing belt is situated in the front or side of your engine behind the plastic Cam Belt covers.

This belt should be changed every 100,000kms or 4 years, whatever comes first. In some engines there are 2 belts, a Cam Belt/Timing Belt or a Balance Belt.

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The most common warning signs that your clutch requires attention are:

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CV Joints

CV Joints are a critical part of your drive line. They transmit the power from the gear box to the wheels. If you start to hear a knocking sound when you turn a corner, you might need a replacement.

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