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Suspension, Shocks & Steering

Suspension keeps tyres in contact with the road surface, and eliminates road shock; the Shock Absorbers are a key part of the suspension system.

If your vehicle is veering or wandering, or if you can hear noises when your vehicle is turning or going over bumps, you may have a suspension issue or a steering issue.

We can check your suspension and steering and identify any faults.

Leaking or worn shock absorbers can decrease braking efficiency and cause vehicles to fail WOF inspections.

What does a Shock Absorber Replacement involve?

Our Shock Absorber Replacement Service includes:

• check condition of existing shocks

• remove existing shocks (if worn)

• install new shocks

• perform height clearance check

• perform road test

Plus, if you have a McPherson Strut shock absorber, the service will include the following:

• strip the shock

• clean the unit housing

• replace the cartridge

• re-assemble the unit

We are AUTHORISED for servcing
and repair for:
  • Autosure
  • Protecta
  • Lumley

We are also AUTHORISED by vehicle manafacturers for warranty,
mechanical servicing and repairs.

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