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Oil & Filter

You should have an Oil change regularly; regardless of how many kilometers the vehicle has driven. If a vehicle is not used much, the oil in the engine still needs to be flushed and replaced.

Old oil can degrade an engine, even when the vehicle is sitting in the garage.

This Service is inclusive of:

• Oil change

• Filter change if required

• Fluid level checks

• Tyre Pressures

Does my vehicle need a Full Service?

The most common warning signs (from most revealing to least revealing) are:

• over 10,000 kms since last lube

• oil leaks on driveway

• smoky exhaust fumes

• dirty oil

What does a Full Service involve?

City Centre Motors Full Service includes the following:

• drain and replace oil

• install new oil filter

• check and fill transmission fluid

• check differential

• check air filter

• check spark plugs

• check power steering fluid

• check brake fluid

• check tyre pressures

• check coolant level

• check windscreen washer level

We are AUTHORISED for servcing
and repair for:
  • Autosure
  • Protecta
  • Lumley

We are also AUTHORISED by vehicle manafacturers for warranty,
mechanical servicing and repairs.

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