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Brake & Clutch Specialists - Wellington



The most common warning signs that your clutch requires attention are:

• difficult or impossible to change gears

• a noise (rumbling or squealing) is heard when using the clutch

• a burning smell emanates from the engine

• oil leaks on the driveway

• clutch pedal is unusually high or low

• high fuel consumption

• slow to move off, slipping sensation

This involves checking the free play (adjustment) in the clutch cable and adjusting if necessary; checking the clutch fluid (hydraulic system) & road testing the vehicle.

If your vehicle clutch needs repairs or replacements we can diagnose, repair and replace if necessary.

What does a Clutch Replacement involve?

Our Clutch Replacement includes:

• check condition of flywheel (and grind if required)

• check oil seals

• align and replace clutch plate

• align and replace pressure plate

• replace release bearing

• check spigot bearing (and replace if required)

• check clutch hydraulics or cable

• check and adjust clutch clearance


We are AUTHORISED for servcing
and repair for:
  • Autosure
  • Protecta
  • Lumley

We are also AUTHORISED by vehicle manafacturers for warranty,
mechanical servicing and repairs.

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