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Brake & Clutch Specialists - Wellington



If your brakes are squealing, grinding, pulling the vehicle to one side or making your steering wheel shake, then it's time to come and see us.

Brakes can degrade slowly due to simple wear and tear, which can make it difficult for vehicle owners to see the changes. We can test your braking system and make any repairs necessary. Brake hoses and fluid can also be checked and replaced if necessary.

If you have any problems, or notice changes in your vehicle's braking performance, come in and see us. Sometimes it can be a simple case of brake dust causing the brakes to squeal, but our technicians can identify and fix the problem, giving you peace of mind.

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It is recommended by most Manufacturers that brake fluid should be flushed every 2 years to stop contamination.

Does my vehicle need a Brake Replacement?

The most common warning signs are:

• a grinding or squealing noise from the wheels (especially when braking)

• brakes do not perform properly

• Brake Pedal pulsates

What does a Disc Brake Replacement involve?

Our Brake Disc pad Replacement includes the following:

• check and lubricate Brake Caliper Slides

• check Brake Caliper Pistons

• check Brake Pipes & Hoses

• check and de-glaze Discs

• replace Disc Pads

• check and adjust Handbrake Cables (rear brakes usually)

• check for oil leaks

We are AUTHORISED for servcing
and repair for:
  • Autosure
  • Protecta
  • Lumley

We are also AUTHORISED by vehicle manafacturers for warranty,
mechanical servicing and repairs.

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