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Automatic Transmission

Automatic Transmissions need servicing regularly and typically fail due to internally overheating. This is usually a direct result of poor maintenance.

Automatic Transmission Servicing will help extend the life of your transmission and in most cases provide smoother gear changes.

Does my vehicle need a Transmission service?

A transmission service is only relevant for automatic transmissions. The most common warning signs are:

• difficult or impossible to select gears

• frequently missing gear shifts

• discoloured transmission oil i.e. a dark brown colour (in most cases it should be red)

• transmission oil smells burnt

What does a Transmission Service involve?

• check transmission pipes and hoses

• remove oil pan & filter

• drain transmission fluid

• replace filter & pan gasket

• fill with transmission fluid

• check operation of transmission

We are AUTHORISED for servcing
and repair for:
  • Autosure
  • Protecta
  • Lumley

We are also AUTHORISED by vehicle manafacturers for warranty,
mechanical servicing and repairs.

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